Halal and Healthy- Week #2

Last week simply flew by and now we are here just starting March Break.

Have you made your March break plans yet?

Here this week we wanted the menu to be fast, halal and healthy.

Yesterday I roasted a chicken and well since it is just the two of us, there is plenty leftover so we have some great recipes using chicken this week.


Monday- Healthy Chicken Enchiladas, green salad

Tuesday-breakfast for dinner (tween will be doing this one) Scrambled Eggs with cheese, sliced tomatoes, toast

Wednesday- Lemon Chicken Rissioto

Lemon chicken risotto:

Add lemon juice to stock and use to cook risotto rice, which absorbs all the flavours. Add finely 1 cup diced mushrooms while the rice is cooking, and diced cooked chicken. Stir, and keep cooking over a low heat until all is thoroughly heated through.

Thursday- Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Salad

Friday- Cheese Pizza ( have a gift card), green salad


Sunday- Harirra Soup( this is a Moroccan recipe usually made in Ramadan) but I love it anytime.

Now I am off to Organizing Junkie to see what is cooking at your place. So do tell me what is your favorite recipe.

Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2011/03/14/halal-and-healthy-week-2/

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