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Halifax Burger Week: Day 3

Day 3 of Halifax Burger Week was devoted to veggie burgers. I wanted a nice healthy day off from all the grease and red meat. I met up with a friend at Heartwood for a “Wild Card FEED Nova Scotia Burger”.

By “wild card”, I thought they meant that you get to choose one of their 3 burgers. Now that I look at the menu, it sounds like the wild card is a daily burger special. We were not briefed about this, and I could have sworn the tent card just said to pick one off the menu… so I am not entirely sure. We ended up ordering the black bean & quinoa burger. This was quite tasty, if not a bit pricey (same price as the burger at Freeman’s, but at least Heartwood is contributing an extra dollar to FEED Nova Scotia). Our French fries were cold, but the burger was just the healthy kick I needed to start my day.

Wild Card Burger from Heartwood: $13 with $2 going to FEED Nova Scotia
Wild Card Burger from Heartwood: $13 with $2 going to FEED Nova Scotia

Next up was EnVie’s “Vegan ABC Burger” which had a sticky tofu patty with apple jam, portobello bacon, and cheddar “cheese”. This is served on a regular or gluten free Big Life bun with your choice of side. I got the Kale Caesar, because of course?! I understand that vegan/vegetarian restaurants often have premium prices due to the fresh, organic, or obscure nature of the ingredients – but EnVie matches this with presentation, inspiration, and atmosphere. I seriously think this is becoming one of my favourite restaurants in Halifax. Not to mention my burger was delicious!

Vegan ABC Burger from EnVie: $16 with $5 going to FEED Nova Scotia

I just kind of squished the patty down to evenly fill out the bun. There was a sweetness from the apple jam, an earthiness from the mushrooms, a savoury sauce (or was this “cheese”?) and a crispy bun. I could see little chunks of tofu in the patty but in no way did it taste soy-like. It was really good!

I meant to swing by Dee Dee’s for their veggie burger, but I was just too stuffed! Next time I need a Burger Week mini-meat-vacation, I will definitely be eating this.

I almost forgot! I went to the Armview last night to treat one of my biggest supporters and good friend, DoomGuts, to a Moroccan Lamb Burger. I was still way too stuffed from EnVie (shameful, I know) so I didn’t get to try it. But DoomGuts was impressed.

Moroccan Curry Burger from Armview: $13 with $5 going to FEED Nova Scotia
Moroccan Curry Burger from Armview: $13 with $5 going to FEED Nova Scotia

I am writing this on Sunday, Day 4 of Burger Week and I am just about to set out on my most adventurous day of burger questing so far! I will be accompanied by my burger associate, Tinfoil. If you see me out and about with my “Burger Ambassador” sash, come say hi! We don’t bite (unless you’re a burger!)


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