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Halifax Burger Week: Day 5

So, I was on TV. I won the Coast’s Burger Ambassador contest somehow, and got to have a little 5 mins of burger fame. You can watch the full clip here.

After a long day of burgering on Sunday, I decided it was time for a break.

Of course, by “taking a break” I meant switching my proteins. The truth is, I had sampled 16 burgers up to this point, and when I recollect and do the math, I realize that I had eaten 11 burgers single-handedly in 4 days. I think I deserved a little break.

So that day I strolled into The Old Triangle with some school friends. I love a quiet bar on a weekday afternoon! Our server was super friendly and told us stories while we sipped our creamy Kilkennys. We all ordered the “Salmon Burger”: chopped fresh salmon with spinach and ginger, topped with homemade cucumber relish, honey ginger sauce and mayo. Since I’m having a “break” today, I even ordered fries! This was solid. It was definitely nice to switch up the beef for some fresh tasty salmon.

Salmon Burger at the Old Triangle: $15 with $5 going to FEED Nova Scotia
Salmon Burger at the Old Triangle: $15 with $5 going to FEED NS

Later that evening I starting thinking about the haddock burger at Le Bistro down the street…

Haddock Burger from Le Bistro: $5
Haddock Burger from Le Bistro: $5

I decided to get take-out, and when I got alone in the elevator with it I was like, “You don’t smell like a fish burger, you smell like heaven.” What is this magical creature?! Well, it’s perfectly panko breaded haddock topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and house-made tomato remoulade on a whole wheat Kaiser roll. I think the trick is the remoulade which is just so tasty. This could be the best haddock burger I’ve ever had, and good news: it’s on the regular menu! But it’s Burger Week and it’s only $5.00 so go eat it! Now!


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