Halifax Police Say Crime Is Down From 2007

A release from Halifax Police this morning says that this year’s stats are lower than the same time last year.

From HRPD:

 “Overall violent crime was down by 6% during the quarter, with a 14% decrease in robberies and a 5% drop in assaults. Property crime decreased over 13%, including a 28% drop in break and enters, 7% reduction in theft of motor vehicles, and theft over $5000 and under $5000 dropping 8% and 15% respectively.

Enforcement driven statistics, on the other hand, rose, with drug related charges up 11%. This number is based on charges laid.

Chief Frank Beazley of Halifax Regional Police and Insp. Darrell Beaton of RCMP Halifax District are pleased that crime continues to trend downward, and builds on the previous decreases in crime achieved every year since 2005. They attribute the continued decline to our crime suppression strategy which strives to reduce crime/disorder and the associated fear.”

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