Halifax Regional Police Share Summer Safety Tips

Today marks the first day of summer and Halifax Regional Police wants to help you have a fun and safe summer. Here are our tips for summer safety:

Vehicle safety

  • Help protect your property by ensuring your vehicle is locked at all times, and never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially in plain view. Thefts from vehicles are typically crimes of opportunity. Items in plain sight tempt would-be thieves. If it is absolutely necessary to leave items in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk out of plain view before arriving at your destination. Anyone observing suspicious activity in or around parked vehicles should report it to police immediately at 902-490-5020.
  • With warmer weather, don’t leave a child or pet unattended in parked vehicles, even with the windows rolled down. Read our release for more on pets left in parked vehicles.


  • Inform a trusted neighbour that you’ll be away and ask that they keep an eye on your home. It’s also a good idea to leave your vacation destination and contact information so you can be reached in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure your windows and doors are locked before you leave.
  • Take a break from social media. Don’t announce your travel plans on your social networking sites. Also, sending updates while you’re away informs everyone that you’re not home. An unoccupied residence is much more vulnerable for break-ins.
  • Try to make it appear as though your home is still occupied while you’re away. For example, use a light timer and ask a neighbour to collect your newspaper and move your vehicle in the driveway.

Outdoor activities

  • If you’re biking this summer, remember that all cyclists by law must wear a helmet. This legislation extends to the use of scooters, skateboards, in line skaters and roller skates. A properly designed and fitted helmet greatly reduces the risk of brain injury.
  • The discharge of fireworks is prohibited at all times under By-Law Number N-200.
  • If you’re going for a hike, remember to plan ahead, dress appropriately, bring the right equipment and never head into the woods alone.
  • When swimming with children, ensure continuous adult supervision whenever a child is near water. Halifax has many approved beaches that offer lifeguard services to the public.


Source: Media Release

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