Halifax Regional Police Statement on NS Justice Minister’s Directive on Street Checks

Below is a statement from Halifax Regional Police Acting Chief Robin McNeil, following today’s directive on street checks issued by Nova Scotia’s Minister of Justice Mark Furey:

“This afternoon, we received the directive from Nova Scotia’s Minister of Justice on “an immediate moratorium on street checks of pedestrian and passengers” – and can confirm that we are taking the necessary steps to implement it.​

“The disproportionately high representation of racialized communities in our street checks data is an issue we are committed to addressing. We welcome any measures that have the potential to help address these issues and to build a trusting relationship with the communities we serve. As per the directive, we are adopting these changes, effective immediately.​

“Like any changes to policies and practices, we expect there will be a period of adjustment, both for the public and our employees. However, the communication with our employees will start immediately.​

“We also want to take this opportunity to reiterate that we do not condone anyone being stopped or questioned on the basis of race, religion, ethnic background or another discriminatory reason. Arbitrary detention and stops are also not allowed. That’s why we will also continue and reinforce our training both from an operational and a bias-free policing perspective.​ We encourage citizens to make themselves aware of our code of conduct and policies that our officers are required to follow.​

“As an organization, we are dedicated to providing our service in a respectful and equitable manner to all citizens, and to provide dignified treatment to everyone we come in contact with. We know we need to do better – and we will.”


Source : Media Release

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