Halifax Stanfield to Host Interagency Training Exercise

**** HIAA Media Release

Halifax Stanfield to Host Interagency Training Exercise

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), in cooperation with airport tenants and several public sector emergency response agencies, will be
conducting a security exercise at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Thursday, July 18.

The exercise will run from approximately 0900-1200 hours and will take place in a closed portion of the airport property. Signs will be posted around the exercise area, online at halifaxstanfield.ca and on HIAA’s social media channels to provide notice
about the exercise.

During the exercise, passengers, visitors and employees at Halifax Stanfield may see and/or hear volunteers, emergency vehicles, airport equipment and personnel on the property but should not be alarmed. Local traffic, airport and aircraft operations will not be impacted as a result of this exercise.

HIAA runs regular exercises throughout the year to test protocols, procedures,
communications and planning for emergency and/or security related incidents.

Many organizations, including airport tenants and emergency response personnel, are involved in the planning and implementation of these exercises.

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