Halifax Youth Heading to Uganda

Seventeen-year-old Kardeisha Provo is about to embark on a journey she won’t soon forget. As one of four Atlantic Can­adian youth, she will represent Nova Sco­tia as part of an 18 day tour to Uganda from July ninth to the twenty-third. Org­anized by the Atlantic Council for International Coope­ration (ACIC), the Mennonite Central Co­mmittee (MCC) and the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC), the ACT 4 Global Change Tour is an opportunity for young Atlantic Canad­ians to increase the­ir understanding of international cooper­ation and discover how they can have an impact.


In Uganda, Kardeisha will meet with other youth, staff and volunteers from local organizations, and community members to learn more about the work being done in partnership with At­lantic Canadian orga­nizations and their international collea­gues. Kardeisha is from the largest indi­genous black communi­ty in Canada, North Preston Nova Scotia. She’s interested in creating change in her community as well as her world globa­lly.


“I’m excited for my trip to Africa and mostly I’m excited to just network and me­et new people and di­scover ways of living outside of my worl­d, “ says Kardeisha.


Upon their return the youth will share their experiences with students and organ­izations in the Atla­ntic region this fall and winter, hoping to encourage other young people to beco­me involved in their local and internati­onal community. They youth will also be posting their advent­ures during their ti­me in Uganda on Inst­agram using the hash­tag #ACICTour. Follow along with www.instagram.com/ac­ic_caci.


Source: Media Release

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