Bayers Road: A Wider Perspective?


With memories of Chebucto Road still fresh in the minds of Haligonians, the newly proposed widening of Bayers Road already has many residents and a few councillors up in arms. But could there be a silver lining to the billion dollars slated to be spent and the months of construction-related traffic snarls it would bring to the area? Columnist Angela Mombourquette offers a new perspective in this week's Halifax Community Herald.

She points out that in spite of the upheavals, for the first time HRM City Council is talking 'sustainable transit'. Part of the proposed plan is to conduct a traffic corridor study to determine how effectively public transit times could be shortened for people who commute across the peninsula. We want to know what you think: Are the removal of homes and shifting property lines a fair trade-off for an improved long-term transit plan?

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Road Construction – Wright Avenue @ John Savage Drive

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