Haligonia Sports Athlete Profile: Joey Haywood

Joey Haywood is the nation’s leading scorer averaging 29 points per game.

by Armaan Ahluwalia
Playing basketball in the AUS is not an easy task. Dominating in the AUS is even more tricky. That is one thing that Joey Haywood has managed to do very well while playing for the St. Mary’s Huskies. Joey is on fire, having another stellar year for the Huskies as they currently make a push for the AUS playoffs. So far in the 2010/11 Haywood has been dominant with some amazing performances and great statistics. He is in the top 10 of almost every major statistic through 11 games in the season and looks on pace to keep that with his great play. Haligonia Sports asked him a few questions about basketball, and other things.

Current Team: St.Mary’s University
Height: 6’1
Date of Birth: September 3rd, 1984
Where you are from: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Position: PG
Where you played High School/Club: Magee Secondary Highschool in Vancouver
Favourite Player: Allen Iverson
Favourite Team: Chicago Bulls
Player you model your game after: Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings
How old were you when you started playing: First started at age 7
Why Basketball: Because you can use different moves to beat your defender and make them look dumb. Not expensive to play. All you need is a ball and a hoop.
What is it like being a student-athlete: It is hard because you have to balance school work and basketball.
Pre Game Rituals: spending time with my family, nap, and shower before the game.
Whats the most listened song on your IPod: Jamie fox album.
Why is the AUS so tough: A lot of players from the states that used to play division 1 and the east coast is known for having the best players in the country.
Best Player in the World: Micheal Jordan
Dream Lineup, with you in it: Allen Iverson, Micheal Jordan, Black Griffin, D.Howard and my self
Hobbies: Video games and DC and Marvel Animation Movies
Best Skill: Dribbling
Area of your game that needs work: Defense
Favourite Coach and why: I say Ross Quackenbush because he always gives me knew things to work on at the end of the season and always wants me to expand my game even more. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to display my talent on the court. Not a lot of people and coaches believed in my game and i thank coach for accepting and believing in me.
What are your goals Short and Long term: Short term is to graduate with a degree and play in the NBA or overseas. Long term: personal basketball trainer and own a 24hr basketball gym. Work with troubled kids.
Favourite Movie: Rocky 4
Role Model: Micheal Jordan
Goals for the year: AUS championship and be National Champs.
Most famous person in your cell phone: Roberto Young aka Exile And1 mixtape tour player.
One Crazy thing about you: Love to laugh
Favourite Food: chinese and pizza
Dream Vacation Destination: Egypt

In your free time you are: hanging out with my family and watching basketball.
IPhone or Blackberry: I own a Blackberry but should’ve got an Iphone
Armaan Ahluwalia is a writer for the Dal Gazette and has his own website, www.1inthestands.wordpress.com. Follow Armaan on twitter @therealbrindian
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