Haligonia Sports Commentary:Lebron James

Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are the NBA’s newest dynamic duo.

The writers of Haligonia Sports weigh in with thier opinions on the Lebron James free agency saga.
Bill McLean– The entire 2010 free agent frenzy only served to further dissuade me from following the NBA with any keen interest. I can’t remember a time when guys who have accomplished so little, signed contracts for so much money. Joe Johnson barely tried in the playoffs vs. Orlando, was quoted as saying he didn’t care about the fans, and the Hawks still re-signed him to a maximum deal.
Chris Bosh was the face of a Raptors team that chronically underachieved and was probably the softest in the NBA the past two seasons, while Lebron James got bullied by the Boston Celtics in the second round of the 2010 playoffs. Both players signed huge contracts to join Dwayne Wade in Miami.
This new group of “superfriends” in Miami will certainly be intriguing to watch, but come late June the NBA world will once again be focused on Kobe, Phil, and Fish, and we’ll be reminded that there are no “get rich quick” schemes that can win a franchise an NBA championship.
In the meantime, I’ll gladly fill my nights with the Moose, AUS, NHL, NFL, and College Football, as opposed to watching a league that gives so much to players who have given so little.
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Romy Aquino- When I first heard about the whole Lebron ‘The Decision’ special on ESPN, I really thought it was going to be a huge exhibition where Lebron James was going to announce that he was going to stay in Cleveland. I thought that all these ‘Lebron to New York’ and ‘Lebron to Miami’ rumours leading up to the decision were just a smokescreen to create a buzz but he was going to do ‘right’ and stay in his hometown. But once I officially heard “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”, I was shocked. I wouldn’t think he would sell out his hometown on national television like that.I really think the show, the Twitter account and his decision really damaged any type of legacy he would have in the league, and his ego got the best of him. I’m old school. I was a fan of David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing and Larry Bird growing up; guys who stayed loyal and were the man on their team. As a basketball fan, this whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. We all want to witness the next ‘Michael’ but Lebron James isn’t it…even if he wins a pile of championships with the Heat. This is just a new era of basketball players.All I know, is that Kobe’s stock to be the next great one just skyrocketed. The only angle that I can understand out of this whole thing is that Lebron wanted to play with his boys, but the method he took to get there, I had a problem with. It was so shallow, it was all about Lebron taking his talents to Sunny Miami leaving stanky ol’ Cleveland behind. Will I go watch Lebron and the Heat play if they come to Toronto? Damn straight. That’s gonna be a good show. But like every other basketball fan (aside from Heat fans), I’m also gonna root for them to lose.
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Joel MacDougall– I am disappointed in LeBron. Here we have, arguably, the preeminent basketball player of this generation, and he feels that the only way he can win is to join forces with other superstars. I suppose I can understand his logic, but I had hoped for more. I understood James’s desire to move on from Cleveland and join a contender in a big market. While it would be great to see a player choose his team purely on basketball terms, that is not the reality especially for a player of LeBron’s global marketability. Chicago,New York, LA, and Miami offer James a grander stage to promote his international iconic status, while also chasing championships. Cleveland may have been able to keep Lebron competitive, but would never have that advantage. By choosing Miami though, I feel James’s legacy will be tainted. He could be regarded as a player that couldn’t win a title without the help of other superstars. Kobe Bryant had this stigma following the titles he shared with Shaquille O’Neal in LA, but has since led his team back to the title a couple of times. Lastly, I am against the free agent super-powers. Blame the Yankees for creating this model. I hate seeing team the rich be able to push the small markets around, and essentially make sporting leagues two-tiered.
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Derek Leblanc- Frankly The whole thing with LeBron James makes me sick. It is bad enough that he needed an hour long special just to announce the signing. Unless you have a cure for AIDS then you shouldn’t be getting that. I think we seen James true colors and that he doesn’t want to take the pressure of taking a team to the finals and winning. The Miami Heat is still Dwayne Wade’s team and he will take reponsability if the team loses. James just wants big money with no pressure. Why couldn’t Lebron just be quiet and send a press release like a better player in Kevin Durant did. Also just because the Heat have the big three does not mean they will win. There is a reason Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league and until the Heat can do it, the Lakers are still the best team in the league. I can’t believe were making a big deal over a guy who is basically an overhyped Dominque Wilkins. Now before everyone gets mad at me answer this, Can you remember any game winning shots that James has made or besides the year the finals, what has he really done? I hope James and Bosh enjoy being Dwayne Wade’s side show.

Henry Whitfield– Considering myself a ‘fringe’ fan of the NBA, this move by LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade is something that has spiced up a sport that has focused too long on the Celtic/Laker rivalvry, and gives new competition to the big two teams in the current NBA system. That being said, I don’t think this team will dominate and win the title this year, Kobe Bryant will relish the opportunity to shutdown the new fantastic three and will thrive in the underdog role heading into the 2011 playoffs
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