Haligonians Working Hard To Help The Hungry


Last weekend, Muslims of Halifax “Share the Spirit of Ramadan” took to Mic Mac Mall to raise donations of cash and food for Feed Nova Scotia, who has recently put out pleas for donations after shelves ran dangerously low over the past few months.


The generosity came through as they delivered $10,000 worth of food donations to the Bedford Highway warehouse of Feed NS on Saturday.  Taking in much needed donations of pastas, canned foods, cereals and more, bags were filled for food deliveries and food sorted into bins.  Big smiles and big hearts were involved in the donations, from collecting the food and money to delivering and sorting the food once it arrived at the Feed Nova Scotia building.


Services such as Feed Nova Scotia usually see a decline in donations over the summer months as families leave for vacations.  However, hunger in Nova Scotia does not take a vacation and donations are always needed.  Feed NS took to social media for help, as the very real struggle to maintain and fill their shelves left them struggling.


Other community initiatives have been cropping up throughout Halifax with the goal of helping communities with healthy and affordable eating.  With the help of the Halifax government and Halifax Transit, a mobile food bus has been set up as a trial run to provide healthy and affordable food to areas that may lack access to such foods.


Community gardens are popular as well, with a new North End Dartmouth community garden taking shape this summer.  As food prices continue to rise, the struggle for feeding a family can be very real for some.


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