Happy Birthday Leo

It’s my birthday and I’ll wear a crown if I want to, a crown if I want to.

Featured Items: Dress, c/o David’s Bridal. Flower Crown, Oh Dina. Shoes, Vince Camuto via Town Shoes. Bracelet, Olive + Piper.
Truth be told I am a Leo. Which basically means I’m a bit of selfish a$$hole, I can be a bit stubborn (yep), and domineering. Just kidding (well kinda) we can be jerks sometimes when we don’t get our way. Butttttt rather than focus on the negative aspects of ourselves I’d rather focus on the good things like we’re extremely ambitious, generous, and loyal. We will stop at nothing when it comes to getting what we want or helping others get what they want. Leos are extremely encouraging, and love to have a lot people around, and no surprises here they also like to be the center of attention or “in the spotlight”. 
So are you surprised to know that I’m a Leo blog reader? Because as an (ego) blogger I am not 🙂 There are honestly so SO many bloggers that are Leos I’m sure the stats are rid-iculously high.  That being said the thing I like about my birthday (because let’s face it who likes getting older), and being a Leo is that my birthday reminds me of the importance of friendship and surrounding yourself with great people.
You know how sometimes you just know that someone is a good person? Well that’s how I feel about the photographer who shot these images.  Denis Duquette, and his lovely wife Sarah Boho And Braids Blogger (you may have seen her on the blog here before when she filled in for when I was in Mexico) are honestly the sweetest people ever! I immediately fell in love with the two of them. Both extremely talented I couldn’t say a negative thing about them, so when Denis connected with me to work together I jumped at the chance and I knew exactly what I was going to shoot. 
I mean when it’s your birthday (and you’re a leo) you want to put on a pretty dress am I right? You don’t care where you are going so long as you get to wear a pretty dress. 
Thanks so much to Denis Duquette for these images 🙂 and Happy Birthday to all you beautiful Leos out there you ferocious little lions you. Hope you’re having the best birthdays!
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