Hard Candy Lip Colour collection

Hard Candy sure treats some of us like kids in a candy store, literally 🙂 This is the holiday 15-piece Lip Colour collection for those who like to try lots of lip colours in one go.

A pail, with metal lid/ bottom/ handle, holds 15 lip items that wraps around its clear plastic wall. No shade names mentioned anywhere, and only 4-digit numbers are shown on the products (don’t match up with the 3-digit numbers on the core products).

Here is the colour strip that holds the items in place, out of the pail.

The All The Glossed Up hydrating lip stains are on the left below (0.06oz/ 1.7g each vs. 0.11oz full size, reg. $5) – 5167, 5168, 5169, 5170 and 5173.

The Fierce Effects daring lip glosses are on the right. I am trying to get the name info from the brand/ its PR and will confirm later but for now, my guesses are Plum Diva, Skyfall, Knockout Punch, Daredevil and Nude Plunge.

You might notice I did not pay too much attention to these 5 All Gloss Up lip stains. The reason was I was not impressed with the colour choices.

The last 2 shades on the right are almost identical when swatched and they are sheer. The second shade from left also needs layering for pigmentation, while the shade in the middle could be a little more bold, you know, for the holiday.

The pinky red has fine silver sparkles, which is season appropriate but might not be everybody’s cup of tea. I wish it were a true Christmas red.

The Fierce Effects daring lip glosses are a different story.

For some reason, my Walmart does not carry these in the core line nor online so I assumed Canada had missed out on them until I saw them on a few Canadian blogs.

So, if you can get your hands on them, I suggest you do – minis or full sizes, your choice, but note a few differences.

Infused with argan and citrus oils, these glosses are supposed to be light and glossy, with great colour payoff and a light minty scent. I find the minis in this set are thicker than say, Sephora Jem & the Holograms glosses I reviewed before, but they become less sticky as they wear off slightly, a lot more comfortable to wear.

Also, these minis have standard doe-foot applicators instead of brush applicators in the full sizes, which I am happy about. Not a fan of the brush in glosses.

The shimmer lip glosses (0.2oz/ 6ml each) – 5148, 5149, 5150, 5152 and 5153 – are too young to my taste. They will go to Squirt (or her friends) so I will not swatch them.

Obviously, I got this Lip Colour collection for the Fierce Effects glosses but they are not worth paying $19.97 for unless you can share the rest with someone else.

I am hoping to find in Canada the Wish for a Kiss lip gloss collection shown on Walmart US website with 6 Fierce Effects glosses at a much better price tag of $6. There is also a Lips of Love set below with 3 All Glossed Up (larger at 0.09oz/ 2.5g each but still not at 0.11oz full size) for $4.97.

I placed the red and nude from the collection above on the far left and far right next to the red and nude in this smaller set for size and colour comparison.

In the end, depending on how many lip products you want to try, pick the set that suits the need 🙂 This is going to be a fun holiday!

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