Hayward Pool Heater Vent Kit recalled due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

**** Recall via Health Canada


Hayward Pool Heater Vent Kit recalled due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

Product description: This recall involves the Hayward UHXNEGVT15001 negative pressure 6-inch vent kit for gas pool heaters. The vent kit is used exclusively on Hayward H500FD gas heaters. The kit includes the following: one vent pipe adapter for negative pressure galvanized vent pipe, one flue cover plate with hole for vent, #10 sheet metal screws, vent pressure switches, vent pressure switch tubing, and vent pressure jumper wire. Only Hayward H500FD gas heaters that are installed indoors and use 6-inch negative pressure galvanized vent piping are affected by this recall.

To identify if your Hayward heater is affected by this recall, look for the model/serial number label located to the left of the water pipes. If the model number is H500FD, look for a label on the vent pipe. This label identifies the manufacturer of the vent pipe, the size of the pipe, and the type of pipe. If the label indicates 6-inch diameter galvanized vent pipe, the product is included in this recall.
Hazard identified: The recalled vent kits installed on the gas pool heaters are not the proper size and can allow carbon monoxide to leak, posing a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard to consumers.

Consumers should immediately turn off the pool heater and contact Hayward Industries, Inc. for assistance in coordinating a replacement at no cost.

For more information, consumers may contact Hayward Industries by telephone toll-free at 1-888-847-8717, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, or by visiting the company’s website

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