Hello Toronto

[For the next couple of weeks while I’m touring around Ireland with Cokebaby and the in-laws, I’ve lined up a number of great Photo credit: palestrina55 from Flickr

Photo credit: palestrina55 from Flickr

Hello Toronto!

This August will mark 10 years since we parted ways. In the 25 years we were together, we had our ups and downs just like in any relationship. It’s not that I disliked you in the end. People change as do cities and we just grew apart.

What I don’t miss?

  • Long hours in traffic and the round trip three-hour commute each day.
  • Your yellow skies.
  • The harried dash to cottage country on weekends (with hours long commuting again).
  • The general rush of everyday life.
  • Blistering heat of summers and bone-chilling freeze of winters.

What I remember you fondly for?

  • An evening’s near perfect quiet when I could hear a tossed penny ring against concrete or asphalt.
  • The relief of those hot days of summer that came with the blessing of temperate evenings.
  • Thunderstorms of the apocalyptic type.
  • Watching the Symphony of Fireworks on the rocks at The Beaches.
  • Your diversity of food, people, culture, life.

I’ve enjoyed visits with you over the years where we can catch up and reminisce. But they say that home is where the heart is and right now it’s with Halifax. Maybe once you clean up your act we’ll meet again.