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Ally: We’ve decided we’ve beat you over the head enough with our blah,blah, blah about our birthday party. Speaking of blah, blah, blah:

Charming, Ke$ha. During my rage against the word “panty”, L-A and I discusssed establishing a alternative form of expression for “douchebag”. We hereby declare “Pantyface” is the new “douchebag”. Definition?

Pantyface (pan-tee-fay-ce): Something or someone who is on the try-hard express to be offensive and contentious instead coming off as the worst form of cheese imaginable (and Ally really likes cheese. I ate a brick of havarti on the weekend. Didn’t feel so good a few hours later. Owie.)

See also:


as well as:


Ah, Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro. We will never see such a beautiful disaster again in our lifetimes. Did you know that Estrella Archs has left Ungaro? Poor thing never stood a chance. She left on her own accord, but I doubt she’ll ever be the same after that “collaboration”.

I think we’re all comfortable with the definition and when and when not to use it. Please feel free to practice using it in a sentence in our comments section.

As for the title of this delightful post, we are genuinly looking to make this blog more hmmm…what’s the word…perhaps “productive” for you readers. While my inane rambling about Tara Reid’s nip slips are amusing, I can’t seem to think that they benefit you in any way. What we’d like to do is provide you with some useful material as you sip your morning coffee. Specifically, local content. We held a fashion show in collaboration with Haligonia last summer (with way better results than the Lilo/Ungaro collab). People seemed to get down with that vibe. Some other ideas:

  • Profiling local retailers/designers
  • Updating you on local sales
  • More fashionable events (i.e. Sex and the City 2 pre-movie drinks, fashion shows etc.)

We genuinly want your feedback. Preferably by Saturday as this is when L-A and I are having our First Ever FPQT Board Meeting. This will consist of L-A cuddling our box of wine on a bus out to the ‘burbs, where we will order pizza and follow an agenda. That’s right, I’ve written an agenda.It’s not just fun and pinot grigio on this blog my friends.

In return for me spending all of two minutes writing our agenda, L-A has agreed to pick up these gorgeous gladiator sandals for me while she is in the States.


Cynthia Vincent for Target. Are you dying? I’m dying.

Lastly, I don’t even care if you vote for a SATC2 party. I’m having one. Even if it is just me. At a bar. With a martini(s).

L-A: Well, Ally pretty much said it all, didn’t she?  As we hit year two, we’re thinking about what we can do to make the blog awesome(r). We’ve got ideas and we’ve got an agenda, which may look something like this:

but whatevs.  We do want to hear what you think.  I mean, if you’re going to commit to reading this, we could at least ask you if you like what we’re writing about.

One thing we’re totally going to try to do is get out of the house more. By that I mean we’re going to get out of our PJs and go to fashionable events around town. Maybe even make a fashionable event happen (ideas are marinating in our heads).  For example, we’re going to try to buy some tickets to see the Wearable Art Show at the Olympic Centre tonight.  Ally may have to stay home with BabyG, so if you would like to be my date, call me.

Speaking of BabyG (I wasn’t really, was I? But I was trying to be smooth with my shameless promotion of Ally) he has a purse and is judging you. For reals.

You can read about his purse on Ally’s Other Blog (is she cheating on me by having another blog? I guess not since she doesn’t have a co-blogger over there).  I was going to say that I’m not big on the clear plastic purse, but then I remembered my lunch bag.

hmmm…I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to judge BabyG and his purse. (on the topic of being judgey – whenever I use that lunchbag, I think that people on the bus are judging my lunch choices. Like, they’re looking down their noses at my tuna sandwich and granola bar).

One last blah blah blah about the blog. I’m impressed that Ally manages to blog and take care of a baby. I don’t know how you moms do it. We accidentally locked our cat in the closet for an entire afternoon, so I’m not so sure I’d manage to write semi-intelligent posts and keep children’s services away.

Finally, while I didn’t vote for the SATC2 party (I’m not sure there is anything about that movie I want to see),  Ally says there will be martinis. So my plan is to have a drink or two to take the edge of the movie. Who’s with me?

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