Here Kitty Kitty…

Basically life for our kitty Chandler will never be the same. Granted he pretty much asks for it because he’s the one going up to the little one wanting affection. But I don’t know if you would classify this as affection or what! All I know is that li’l C enjoys every second of it and Chandler so far seems to tolerate it (even

though I have my eye on him because I don’t trust him!).  This all happened too quickly for me to adjust the settings on my camera because all of the motion they are mostly blurry, but for your viewing pleasure…

”Oh kitty, hi!”

IMG_0312 IMG_0294

“Ha ha ha kitty!…hmmm”

 IMG_0293  IMG_0289  


IMG_0274  IMG_0270  IMG_0269  IMG_0268


IMG_0267  IMG_0253  IMG_0294 0 0 IMG_0294 1 1 

“Look Mommy, this is my BFF Chandler!”

IMG_0294 2 2

“Now we’re playing hide & seek and I’ll find ya Chandler..hehehe”

IMG_0294 3 3

IMG_0293 0 0


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