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herman and elizabeth

This is an older print, Herman and Elizabeth:) So silly.
I probably should have posted a picture of snow. We finally got enough to stay on the ground but the forecast is for rain tomorrow. Just as well because I have yet to get the snow tires on the car! That involves getting up really early and standing outside Costco thirty minutes before opening with a line of shivering people waiting to make an appointment. I do always have a nice chat with the person next to me. Everyone has a story:)
On the market front, I am feeling a bit more organized but have yet to hear from them re: day. I was thinking I would be there maybe tomorrow but at this point I don’t even know. I do know that they are swamped with applications so it is easy to see why I might be lost in the shuffle. Nerve wracking stuff, I have had to spend $ to get ready. Hope the saying is true, you spend money to make money.

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