Highway 125 Cow Bay Overpass in Sydney Moving Forward

Government has issued a tender for an overpass to provide access for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists across the soon-to-be twinned Highway 125 in Sydney.

The structure will connect Cow Bay Road to Upper Prince Street in Sydney, and feature an active transportation trail.

The new structure means a proposed roundabout at the intersection of Grand Lake Road and Highway 125, with access roads feeding in from Cow Bay Road, will no longer be required at this time.

After the planning and design phase, it was found the roundabout would have spanned two construction seasons while significantly disrupting the traffic in the area, and still required an active transportation structure across Highway 125.

“Providing the right access to these communities is an important part of developing that area,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Geoff MacLellan. “During the review of the roundabout design, it became clear that an overpass would be a better, faster, simpler solution, with the least disruption to residents and businesses around that stretch of the 125.”

Construction on the overpass is expected to begin this fall and be completed in the 2016 construction season.

Source: Release

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