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Archeological Dig

Kings and Royal officers passed through its doors, but until recently there were only the tires and feet of busy commuters passing over it above layers of heavy asphalt. Bellevue House, the 19th century mansion unearthed at the site of the new Halifax Central Library on Queen St. is bringing new insights into life in Halifax at the turn of the century. According to a feature article in the Globe and Mail the land was appropriated by the Duke of Kent in 1800 while he was stationed inHalifax and was the site of many lavish 'bon-temps' for the city's elite.

Even older artifacts, including a musket ball and pottery sherds, have been turned up that according to In Situ Cultural Heritage Research Group may date back as far as 1749. What else might lie beneath our feet in our city? Have you ever stumbled across an artifact of historical significance?

Let us know, and check out the full article complete with photos here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/atlantic/archeologists-dig-up-mansion-to-reveal-halifaxs-royal-roots/article2173888/

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