Homemade Iced Green Tea Latte

It’s no secret I’m OBSESSED with the matcha green tea latte, and I’m even more obsessed with making them at home! Keep reading to find out all my tips and tricks for making this delicious Starbucks favorite cheaper, and healthier for you!
So you love the Green Lattes from Starbucks, but you find them a little sweet, and they can put a significant hit to your wallet.
With these easy instructions, and a couple of kitchen tools you can recreate this delicious drink yourself at home (for less), AND while cutting back on all that sugar. 
In an attempt to avoid dairy (to see if it’ll help my acne situation) I usually opt for Soy Milk (since Starbucks doesn’t offer Almond Milk). And at Starbucks a Grande Green Tea Latte w/ Soy Milk is going to set you back a whopping 46 grams of sugar. Okay what-the-what? Why Starbucks? Just Why.
It bothers me to no end that so many companies take something that is so good for you (matcha green tea) and completely drive it right into the ground! So clearly no one needs that much sugar in a bevy especially when milk is already sweetened enough 🙂 When I make these at home I don’t add any extra sugar, but you can feel free to adjust yours to taste.
Okay so enough about that! You’re a grown up and you can make your own decisions, but if you want to make this drink at home here’s the recipe. Before you head out to buy your ingredients you might be wondering.. where do I get Matcha Green Tea? If you live locally I would advise against David’s Tea as it’s probably the most expensive choice. I purchased my 100g canister for $29.99 at David’s Tea, but Humani-T Cafe (Hydrostone) as well as Pete’s sell theirs for about 18.99 to $20. So you’ll save about 10$ going to either of these two! Yeah don’t worry I’m not to happy about it either! Oh well #themoreyouknow
So to make your iced green tea latte you’re going to need a couple of supplies! A sugar/spice sifting spoon, (usually will set you back about $4, but this will prevent your matcha green tea latte from looking clumpy. As well a milk frother ($10-15) helps to combine everything perfectly together (and takes like two seconds) as well if you want to froth your milk this little guy will do just that for you. I typically use a mason jar or these stemless wine glasses (seen above) since I’m changing the temperature from hot to cold pretty quick I figure the mason jars can stand up to this temperature change.

I will also warn you that I water down my green tea latte with cold water to help limit my sugar intake. If you had these as much as I do (every single day) you’d want to do that too! If you want to go the sweeter route you can simply use 3/4 cup of milk and omit the cold water altogether.

1 TSP Matcha Green Tea 
1/4 cup of warm water (not boiling)
1/4 cup of milk (almond, soy, cows)
1/2 cup of cold water
Ice and lots of it! 
(1) Take a standard sized mason jar, and fill the bottom with about 1/4 cup of warm water, not boiling just run your tap and wait until it gets hot.
(2) Using the sugar sifter spoon, spoon the green tea into the sifter and work it through the sifter until all the lumps are gone.  I promise you don’t want to skip this step because working the green tea through the sifter will prevent any lumps and clumps from forming in your green tea latte later.
(3) Using your frother mix the water and green tea until completely combined. This should create a concentrated green tea (espresso like) mixture. If you want your green tea latte more strong you can use less water here and make more of a paste like mixture. I would suggest this if you were making your green tea latte hot with steamed milk, so the flavor would be really strong.
(4) Add your ice cubes (to bring the temperature of the green tea back down again). If you want to froth your milk, add ice last.
(5) Add water (I usually poor this about 3/4 of the way up the jar). 
(6) Add almond milk
And that’s it folks! Feel free to add sugar and/or more milk as necessary! I kind of drink mine like an Americano with a little bit of milk, and I LOVE it! Hope you do too!

Happy Tuesday! 
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