Hopes and Dreams for 2014

Ally: 2013 was amazing in so many ways (our family welcomed a daughter), and tragic in so many ways (I got in a bad vibe of living in my yoga pants and if I’m being honest pajama pants while enjoying Part One of Self-Employed Maternity Leave).

I also took the risk of cutting my hair super short, and have decided that I should probably never do that again ever in my life for infinity until the end. This diatribe leads me to my beauty and style resolutions for 2014. Enjoy, judge, mock me!

Maybe chill on the risk-taking with permanent repercussions?

I don’t regret cutting my hair short. It was an effective way of telling my husband to screw off when he said, “I think you’ll really regret cutting your hair short.” I showed him, didn’t I? Reaction GIF: smile, yes, oh snap, nod, approval, nice, Christian Bale, American PsychoSource Hair grows back and at least I tried it blah, blah, blah, but it might be time to engage in the age-old use of natural hair extensions. One of my friends on Facebook helpfully pointed me in the direction of Euronext Hair Extensions. You can find them at Sally Beauty. They’re about $130, and I hope my husband isn’t reading this.

Click here to view the embedded video.

That might be the worst YouTube information video on all of YouTube. I’m not sure why I shared it with you except to show you that her hair extensions look acceptable to me. I’ve had a few friends say that they will no longer associate with me if I shove hair extensions in my scalp. To them I say, “NICE KNOWING YOU, ASSHOLES”.

The second option would be to grow it out like a normal person. On that front, I take inspiration from the following look.


Which one of you sexy people want to send me a headband?

 Build on what’s working.

I’ve taken a hiatus from shopping until my maternity leave wraps up in a few months. I’m doing this so that I can focus on items that will be the foundation for my work wardrobe. Something that is seriously lacking these days when I am tearing apart my closet to look for something suitable to wear to a client meeting. Now that I’m of the age where I’m a perfect candidate for What not to Wear, I’ve learned what works on me and what doesn’t. I also know what I love and what I completely detest. For my job, which includes a lot of time in my home office and the occasional (but can come at any second) client meeting, I need a flexible wardrobe. This is why skinny jeans, slim pants, booties and blazers are my constant go-to. I need to let go of what is completely unachievable and start to focus in on what’s practical but also gives me the feeling that I’m still adhering to my boho philosophy. colouredjeansblazerSource I love this look. I’d never think of mustard colour jeans, but maybe I should. Love the mixed patterns of the shirt and purse. See? All this is totally doable. I also love the idea of pairing a basic outfit (jeans/blazer) with an amazing shoe. orangeSource I’m just going to stare at the orange shirt with white blazer combo until someone taps me on the shoulder and tells me that summer has finally arrived. Beauty. The summer dress that can transition into the winter dress with tights and blazer is also on my to-buy list. wishdressSource This is the perfect dress to go from working in your basement office to enjoying a box of wine in your kitchen! Just whip off your blazer, and voila! You are ready for your party of one at 3pm! I would kill for an excuse to wear this outfit, but this next example is probably more accurate for my lifestyle… pinkSource

Give up on what will never work…but you don’t have to unfollow the designers of inappropriate clothes on Instagram.

Do you guys know that there is a thing called a “playsuit” out there? I’m asking because I know a lot of our readers have hit their thirties and they may not be in the loop on this front. Behold, the playsuit: playsuitSource I guess also known as the romper? I love rompers. And I own one of those btw. Remember this? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASource I’m super torn on whether I can pull this look off as I enter into the second half of my thirties. Obviously it might require a bit more dedication to my Jillian Michaels DVD (besides doing “week one” once every three months). I just really, really enjoy these items. I think it’s a balance. By this I mean that there are some playsuits that in my opinion have a retirement date. Here is an example: wrongplaysuitSource I’m the type of feminist who will unequivocally fight for your right to wear whatever you wish. I just choose to not wear this. L-A is falling over in shock right now at my rare maturity. Then there are these styles of playsuits, like the one below from ASOS, that may just translate into the latter thirties and forties. Don’t argue with me on this. adultplaysuitSource See also the playsuit-pantsuit, a term I just made up right here and now. I would go so far as to say that I could actually wear the below playsuit-pantsuit to work with a colourful blazer over top. Cut to L-A raising her glass at my return to inappropriate dressing! pantsuitSource

 Don’t grow up on all fronts.

So, while I’ll agree that leggings are not pants and that my skirts should probably come closer to the knee than they have in recent years, I refuse to toss out all my babyish style habits with the bathwater. In fact, I’m going to commit to stop talking about some of the outrageous style ideas I adore and actually wear them. Like fancy shorts with converse. I’m doing that in 2014. shortsconsSource

Listen to better music.

Hahahahahaha. No, I’m kidding.

Click here to view the embedded video.

L-A: 2013 was kind of a mess for me. It started off strong, but once we made the decision to move, it kind of went to pieces. Not bad pieces. Just messy ones. All my friends are in a different scI have fallen into a giant style rut since my move. At least Ally can say that it’s because of her maternity that she’s fallen into the yoga pants trap. I don’t have that. I’m just lazy.


And the idea of getting out of my rut is a tough one, but here goes nothing:

1. Buy at least three non-striped shirts this year


It’s already begun.

That’s right. I don’t need to end the all-nautical-all-the-time look completely, but we could shift it to almost-all-nautical-most-of-the-time. I’ve started in on this quest to have a bit more variety (other than “the stripes come in blue, green, or red”). Three is a totally random number that I’ve picked out of the air, but I feel like it’s an achievable one.

2. Try to be a little more active, goddamnit. 

This is not the usual “let’s lose weight and go to the gym!” resolution that I will drop by January 15. I promise it’s not.

I don't want to tell you how much I spent on these guys. But I was properly fitted for them. Hurray?

This is for both beauty and style, as well as overall health. The trouble with working at home is that my moderately sedentary lifestyle became even more sedentary once I stopped needing to leave the house to catch a bus for work. I started off okay, trying to run in the mornings, but that kind of ended as we hit humid weather and then cold weather. So really, I need to suck it up and do something active. Anything really. And lay off the candy. I accept that I will never be the super skinny girl, that’s cool. I don’t need to be. But I do want to be the moderately healthy, best version of myself and eating KitKats on my couch are not helping. I want to buy the clothes I want to buy and I want to look good in them. And that might mean getting off my ass and going to a gym (I shudder at the thought. Gyms give me all kinds of anxiety) or yoga or swimming. And I need to stick with it.

3. Getting a better sense of what looks good on me. 

That picture of Ally in the romper? Did you notice the beige creature next to her? The one that’s trying to blend into the woodwork? Yeah. That was me. The outfit wasn’t horrible in theory, but I need to learn that if I want to wear a khaki skirt, maybe I shouldn’t wear it with beige shoes and a white top. Because it’s all wrong for me.


So yeah. I’m solidly into my mid-thirties now and that means figuring this shit out. I need to know what’s wrong and what’s right for my colouring and shape.

4. Spruce up the work wardrobe a bit

It’s been awhile, but I think it’s time I put together a few solid work pieces and only wear them to work. I don’t work in a bizness lady dressy environment, so things I’ve bought to wear to work easily migrate over into casual wear. And they’re starting to look it. It’s time to freshen that shizz up and look like a put together a nice advertising bizness lady look for when I do need to meet with co-workers or clients.

5. Trying to take a style risk every now and then.

You know what owning a different striped shirt for every day of the month is called? A uniform. And while the uniform is a great go-to when you’re in a rush to get ready, it’s also kind of boring in the long run. So I need to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. It might help me figure out things the look that works best for me. I started trying new things with my Docs and with this outfit:

LA wears something other than stripes

yes, I’m headless here. But it’s from a bad selfie I took to get the approval of Ally and my friend J.Lau.

This may not seem risky to you, but let me tell you why it was: the shirt isn’t striped, it’s sheer, and I’m wearing a statement necklace.  For me, this was all kinds of new. And I think it worked out okay. So here’s to 2014! A year of wearing something slightly different than what I wear everyday! A year of dressing like I know what I’m doing! A year of being less lump like! Yes! I can do this! emma-stone-is-awesome

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