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Friday the (December) 13th Favourites

L-A: What up, Friday? You’re half way over. Well, you’re half way over on one of my computers (fun fact: the two computers on my desk run on different time zones). I’m exhausted from craft show prep (the more things change, blah blah) and feeling like half a human, but here are some favourites:


I totally bought a non-striped top. 

Check out this horrible quality image:


Total fast fashion bought on sale (the beauty of 100% polyester is that it won’t wrinkle if it lives in a duffle bag for a week), but with the addition of this cuteness, the count of non-striped shirts in my wardrobe is up to two. I think I have a new year’s resolution on my hands.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

neutrogena clarifying shampoo

We talked about this on Wednesday. But I still have a lot of feelings about it. And I ignored the “once a week” rule and used it a second time so I would have pretty, non-gunky hair when I headed into Toronto yesterday.



I was feeling really good about yesterday’s arm party. I ditched the pink one after Instagramming it, but otherwise, I was really into it. (In case you’re wondering, from L. to R. we have: Jewelmint, Jenny Bird, random bracelet with pineapple charm from Hawaii added to it, Value Village, Kate Spade).

4. Etsy shopping sprees

I think we all know this, but I need to reiterate: THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF ON ETSY. Seriously. It is a hard place to be when you are an indecisive person. Quick, someone tell me their etsy favourite shops to help me narrow down the search for a present for Ally.

5. Polka Dot Jill

Because Jill is the cutest and she wears polka dots like I wear stripes.

6. Hipster Adjacent Jam of the Week

Click here to view the embedded video.

I love it so much, I actually made Ally listen to it. The only thing I don’t love about all 9 minutes of it? That I can only get it on YouTube, which means I can’t listen to it on repeat for days when I’m not sitting at my desk. (I have the world’s worst data situation going on with my phone. Pro-tip: 500MB of data isn’t enough when you’re phone is actually fast enough to access the Wonders of the Internet. I didn’t use all my data on the iPhone 3 because the iPhone 3 just sucked at life towards the end).

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