Hospital parking fees return

Parking fees had been waived at IWK and NSHA parking facilities since March 20. The gradual re-introduction of suspended health care services over the coming weeks across the province is expected to result in an increased demand on parking spaces for patients, visitors, staff and physicians. 

In order to accommodate that increased demand, IWK and NSHA are resuming normal parking operations and fees at all sites, beginning Monday, June 1.   The IWK will continue to offer reduced rates for in-house families and patients.   NSHA will continue to offer reduced rates for frequent visitors. Less expensive weekly and monthly passes will be available at some facilities, while special visitor passes or discounted parking tokens will be available at others. 

 To ensure a healthy and safe experience for all, additional infection prevention and control measures will be implemented, including increased sanitation procedures for touch surfaces.  For the foreseeable future, parking in the Veterans Memorial Building in Halifax will continue to be restricted to facility staff only. Parking fees represent an important source of revenue that supports the delivery of valuable programs, services, and equipment across the province.

Source: Release

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