Hot & Spicy & Advice Poll Request

Hot & spicy was just the ticket to help warm me up while getting adjusted to the shift in temperature outside!


A friend, Christine told me that she makes Hot & Sour soup from a package she gets in the international foods section of the grocery store, so I picked one up to give it a try:


So simple and easy to make!  I added chicken broth, a cooked chicken breast, lots of frozen oriental vegetable and an egg!



It was good and really decent meal all around!  But let me reiterate that it was spicy!!!!

WW Meeting Dilemma:

I need your advice guys.  As you know Saturday mornings are my WW meetings.  This Friday night is the husband’s company xmas party which includes a dinner theatre and drinks at a local pub.  We are taking a taxi home.  I may or may not indulge in a few drinkipoos depending on how I feel.  My dilemma is that my WI is the next morning EARLY.  If I go, I will be most likely feeling like arse because:

  1. I will have had a few glasses of wine; and
  2. I will have had little sleep (this tends to make me feel like supreme crap more so than the drinks)

Obviously if I go, I’m going to see the affects of the previous night’s festivities and I’m going to feel more like crap other than the reasons mentioned above.

I’m thinking about using my “freebie” pass for this week for all of those reasons.  I can’t see any other reason why I would miss another WI for the rest of the year.  Last week I missed the meeting because of the Santa Shuffle, but we still got in there to WI.  I thought about going later on to a later meeting, but it’s just going to be worse because I’m used to doing the WI first thing in the day before body fluctuations start to interfere.

So, my question to you guys is: Should I give myself a break and use my free pass and enjoy myself Friday night and sleep in, or am I making a mistake? 

I don’t plan on going completely overboard or anything like that, I just hate the idea of being out late and up early to face the scale knowing it’s not going to be favourable!  Do I “deserve” the free pass or am I compromising myself?

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