hot stuff

This is where I should be. Right now. Where all Nova Scotians shoould be today. Whew. It is like a sauna, 38 with humidex and tomorrow will be warmer! I am sitting writing this in my bra and panties, trying not to move much. Was that TMI? Just kidding….. shorts and tee on (not really). What IS she wearing?? I think the heat is getting to my brain.

Just finished my 2011 cats calendar. Hooray! I am going to do a photographic one and a painted landscape one as well I think. What sort might you be interested in? Informal poll here.

My daughter is at the beach right now and later we are headed to a barbeque. Ribs! One thing I do love about about these hot days is the wonderful balmy nights that go with them. Sitting out on the front step nights. Feeling languid and dreamy nights. Thinking of the Mediterranean and exotic locales.
Hurricane Earl is still whirling away out in the ocean as I write. Moving steadily Northward. Should arrive in some form Saturday. Fiona is close behind him.

Football Cheetahs to play at Range Park

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