How are you planning to celebrate your grad?

It is prom and graduation season and the Nova Scotia RCMP would like to congratulate all graduates in the province on achieving this important milestone.

As you enjoy this exciting time, the RCMP is encouraging youth to think about how you are planning to celebrate and stay safe so the evening does not result in a tragedy.

Prom and Graduation Safety Tips:

– Avoid alcohol and unknown substances because your judgment will be impaired.

– Do not drink and drive. Impaired driving can result in serious injury or death.

– Wear your seatbelt as you travel to and from events. Seatbelts save lives.

– Be aware of your actions when operating a motor vehicle. Do not talk on a cell phone, ping or text while driving. Your actions can potentially endanger you, your passengers or other road users.

– Arrange transportation to and from the party to ensure you arrive home alive.

– Look out for your friends. Even if you have made responsible choices some of your friends could feel peer pressure to do something they do not want to.

– Discuss your plans for the evening with your parent or guardian. Let them know who you will be with after the prom or graduation party and provide them with contact information.

– Take along a cell phone in the event you need to contact someone in an emergency.

– If you are in an uncomfortable situation it is okay to call a parent or trusted adult and request a drive home. Your safety is their priority.



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