How DavidsTea Won Me Over with Murky Green Liquid Online Love

Laura has asked me on a few occasions to contribute to this blog of hers.  Thus far I’ve declined citing generic knee ailments and unspecified man-related illnesses like: lethargy, late-night hunger, and video game needs.

I make an exception today.  I write not at the request of my wife, but rather out of a sense of gratitude.

On occasion Laura is asked to act as an ambassador for a company or product.  I’m proud of my wife’s success.  When it comes to products or companies she has only ever agreed to do discuss products that she personally believes in.  And she’s transparent about this relationship. I think that’s the right way to go, and I hope you agree.

I am no social media brand ambassador.  I have a twitter account, but my follower list is rife with spam-bots, family members who follow out of a sense of duty, and a handful of colleagues who watch to see if I make a fool of myself.   In short, my social media audience could fit in the back of the family minivan.

A short while ago I tweeted a photo of our son Cameron at DavidsTea.

Photo of Cameron Drinking DavidsTea

The social media team at DavidsTea responded and asked what other teas he had tried. The answer:


It’s green.  Looks utterly disgusting.  And it’s titled to delight children and induce shudders in adults.


To our dismay, our local DavidsTea was out of Swampwater for the year. Apparently it’s seasonal. I’m Canadian. I totally understand. Swampwater freezes just as easily as lake water. The magical tasty swamp from which DavidsTea harvests this delightful leaf clearly freezes in the colder months.

When the team at DavidsTea heard of our disappointment, they asked me to drop them my address.  I did so, and they couriered me a box with Swampwater for my son and a few other samples thrown in for us adults.

How DavidsTea Won Me Over with Murky Green Liquid Online Love

I’m familiar with the kind of social media tools companies use to measure “influencers” online.  Unless they themselves were under the influence, it would be hard to mistake me for an influencer.  Heck, I can’t seem to influence my wife into taking a Twitter “off day”, or into buying me that camera I want for Christmas.

DavidsTea just wanted to do right by a customer.  And for that I’m extremely grateful.

If you haven’t tried out DavidsTea yet, I encourage you to do so. Swampwater may be gone for the season, but for kids I recommend trying out Goji Pop.  We use an iced tea pitcher to make and store it.  I typically add just a tiny amount of sugar (or agave).  The low sugar content reduces the insanity in our home to “cold war” status down from an all out nuclear holocaust.

Thanks DavidsTea!  You guys are awesome.


note: all photos in this post were taken with a camera phone…could you imagine how much nicer the pictures would look if they were taken with the camera I asked Santa for??


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