How Social Media Affects Relationships

For us, the people who live in the digital era, the Internet seems just a fun tool for communication and self-expression. We can easily make a huge list of social media’s advantages because we can’t deny the fact that we really depend on it and love it. The sad thing is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others drastically changed our behavior and attitude to personal communication. Believe it or not, social media really have a negative impact on romantic relationships. In this article, we aren’t even going to focus on best ways to meet women that also have changed a lot in building relationships. Just let’s have a look at situations that permanently happen between people because of social media.

 Real meetings are replaced with chatting in a messenger

Sure, Facebook and Twitter made people all over the world closer; it is much easier to maintain a long-distance relationship. But at the same time, modern couples prefer to solve their problems in personal messages, chat through the text instead of talking face to face. Real communication is replaced with a virtual relationship, which can’t be good at creating a loving couple.

They provoke jealousy 

Our personal lives are open to everyone on Instagram or Facebook. We post tons of our photos every day in attempts to make our lives seem better and happier than they are. So how these innocent things cause jealousy in our partners? Every like or share can be interpreted as a manifestation of affection. Just imagine, what would you feel when you see your girlfriend liked a photo or a status of another guy? She may just like his posts, that’s all. Unfortunately, many people are selfish and can’t accept the simple fact that their partners also have another interesting people among their friends.

They cause troubles with self-esteem

The critical attitude towards yourself can be useful if you attempt to be better. But there are many proofs that in the modern age, people who always use social media admit they have problems with self-esteem. This issue is completely different from adequate self-criticism. The whole world becomes open to us; we start comparing ourselves to other people, start comparing our relationships with other couples. Needless to say, how the developing uncertainty and a tendency of comparing yourself to everyone else can affect relationships. Very few people like dating someone with low self-esteem.

Difficulties in overcoming a break-up

A skill of building a relationship also means you need to break up right and overcome the aftermath of it. You can agree how hard it is to resist a temptation to visit your ex’s profile, to watch her or his pictures, look at his or her partner, and cry in a pillow all night thinking of the time you were together… Do you really need these troubles? A break-up is not an easy thing itself, and social media make it more difficult sometimes. Moreover, you can maintain a friendship with an ex, which also doesn’t bring anything good in most of the cases.

They make us feel we need to demonstrate our personal life

Some people just don’t know it’s not necessary to post about every single crap that happens to them. There were too many cases when couples split up because of excessive attention on social media. It causes envy and rumors; your relationships lose magic and privacy. Many people like discussing someone’s sex life, and social media only add fuel to the fire.

Some things just need more privacy. Don’t neglect the huge impact of Facebook and other platforms on your relationships. Leave some space for moments you can share only with your beloved one.

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