Top 5 Blues Songs About Love

Blues is a concept that relates to African American musical folklore and jazz.

Blues as a traditional genre of African American music is considered to be one of the most distinctive phenomena of the musical culture. It is closely associated with African origins and is deeply connected to many other genres of folk music of African Americans in the South, Central, and North America. According to researchers, blues has evolved from a variety of vocal genres of North American blacks; among these genres, the most important are: work song (usually performed by a soloist and a choir), holler and its solo improvisational variety, Negro ballads, and spiritual blues (genre of religious choir singing of the African American community).

At the same time, folk-blues differs significantly from the genres mentioned above: it is a solo song genre of a secular nature, expressing deeply personal experiences, full of drama and inner conflicts but also containing elements of humor, irony, and social satire. The specificity of the blues is also manifested in the special structure of the poetic stanza and the peculiarity of the musical form, in the use of a certain range of instruments, in the manner of performance. Metaphoric images, improvisational music, and text, the use of polyrhythms and syncopation, intonation lability, metre patterns, responsive shaping principle, specific timbre aspects of a voice or an instrument – these and other qualities of blues give it a brightly individual, unique feel.

The classification of blues can be supplemented by the following varieties: 1) by belonging to a certain oral tradition or a compositional creativity – the so-called “primary” and “secondary” blues; 2) by content – dramatic and lyrical blues; 3) by the manner of performance; 4) by means of performance – vocal, vocal-instrumental, instrumental; combo blues (performed by small ensembles) and big band blues (performed by large jazz orchestras); 5) by authenticity degree – authentic blues and pseudo or quasi-blues with their variations.

Here‘s a great article that lists lots of different types of blues that exist. The types of blues on this list are sorted about the cities of their origin; you will also be given some examples and backstories of these subgenres, so be sure to check it out.

Top 5 Blues Songs About Love

  1. Muddy Waters – “Hoochie Coochie Man”

Everyone who is a true blues fan knows this song. Muddy Waters and Willy Dickson worked on the creation of the song. In 1954, “Hoochie Coochie Man” was released and immediately became popular. The name of the song comes from the sexy female dance that conquered the public at the Chicago show in the late nineteenth century.

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  1. John Lee Hooker – “Boom Boom”

The world first heard this single in 1961. The author of this composition was Lee Hooker – a fairly successful musician, who often performed it in a bar called Apex, but he was often late for work. Whenever Hooker came late, the barmaid told him, “Boom boom, you are late again.” Once he decided that there was something to this phrase, and there was. “Boom Boom” quickly became a hit.

  1. Jay Hawkins – “I Put a Spell on You”

Initially, the author and performer of this composition – Jay Hawkins – was going to record it in the style of a romantic ballad. However, on the day of the recording, the producer got the whole team so drunk that there was no other option but to perform it in its standard “shouting” manner. Yet this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

  1. Ella Fitzgerald – “Summertime”

This legendary song comes to the minds of many people when the topic of blues is brought up. George Gershwin wrote it back in 1934. There are some speculations that its author took inspiration from a Ukrainian lullaby. It is speculated that George has heard the song on his trip to NY; it was there where heard it being performed by Alexander Koshetz and his band.

  1. Louis Armstrong – “Hello Dolly”

Of course, such a list would be incomplete without the legend himself. Jerry Herman wrote “Hello Dolly,” but it was Armstrong that performed it in the way as we know it today.


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