HRM grass maintenance

HRM maintains over 530 hectares of land which includes parks, playgrounds, schools, cemeteries, sportsfields and right of ways.

Where HRM does not provide this service, section 11 of HRM Streets By-Law S-300 requires abutting property owners to maintain any grass between their property line and the curb closely clipped to a height not greater than six (6) inches (15 cm).

We hope the information in this section will educate you about HRM’s mowing strategy and provide summer grass maintenance tips. Please help support enhancing the beauty and environmental health of our community by maintaining the sidewalk areas that abut your property.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HRM Corporate Call Center at 490-4000. To ensure that your call is handled correctly please ensure you have as much information as possible, such as: a civic address, park name (as per an HRM sign), and any descriptive notes.

For more information on lawn maintenance visit


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