HRM now permitting e-scooters on select trails in the city

The Halifax Regional Municipality has just rolled out an exciting update for e-scooter enthusiasts. They’ve given the green light for e-scooters on certain municipal trails, following the guidelines outlined in By-law M-300, the Micromobility By-law, and the Province of Nova Scotia’s Motor Vehicle Act (MVA).

Under the Micromobility By-law, e-scooters are now allowed to cruise on roadways with a speed limit of 50km/h or less, utilize dedicated bicycle lanes, and explore the network of multi-use pathways within the city. Wondering where you can take your e-scooter for a spin? Here’s the list of approved trails:

Scooters can now be used on the following trails: 

·         Mainland Linear Trail   

·         Chain of Lakes Trail 

·         Halifax Common pathways 

·         Mcintosh Run Trail 

·         AT Trail around Lake Banook (between Star Park and Brookdale Crescent) 

·         Dartmouth Waterfront Active Transportation Trail (between Alderney and Woodside ferry terminals)  

·         Portland Lakes Trail (between Baker Drive and Freshwater Trail to Waterside Terrace) 

But here’s the fine print: According to the Micromobility By-law, e-scooters must not exceed 25km/h on roadways or bike lanes and should maintain a maximum speed of 15km/h on multi-use pathways or sidewalks.


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