HRM Seeks Input on Proposed Changes to Polling Districts


(Monday, August 22, 2011) – On July 27th 2011, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review board (NSUARB) announced its decision to reduce the number of districts and Councillors from 23 to 16 plus the Mayor for the Municipal election in 2012. 
The decision requires HRM to submit a recommendation on the proposed boundary changes for review by the Board. HRM would like to hear from the public prior to making its recommendation. As a first step in consultation, an online survey, presenting options for boundary changes and seeking residents’ feedback is now available on HRM’s website at:
“We want to hear from as many residents as possible,” says Chief Administrative Officer Richard Butts. “The feedback we receive will help us determine appropriate boundaries for 16 polling districts that will provide equitable representation at the Council table.”
Final boundary decisions will be made based on public feedback and in keeping with the legislative requirements set out by the NSUARB such as:
● The number of voters in each district
● That the number of voters in each district is about the same (+ or – 10%)
● In certain cases the NSUARB allows for voter variance to be up to 25%
● Communities of interest
● Whether it is primarily an urban, suburban or rural district
● The geographic size of the district.
The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board will be holding public hearings on the proposed district boundaries. The dates for the Utility Board hearings have been set for early November.
For more information on NSUARB’s decision or to read the full report, please visit:

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