HRM to pilot new approach to winter parking ban

The season of snow will soon be upon us and HRM would like to advise residents of some changes to the annual winter parking ban.

“HRM’s Traffic Authority, at the request of Regional Council, is implementing a one-year trial period for an amended winter parking ban,” said Ken Reashor, HRM’s Traffic Authority. “The changes are intended to offer some flexibility to those who are most affected by the ban without compromising HRM’s snow and ice clearing operations.”

Last spring, Council asked HRM’s Traffic Authority to consider some alternative approaches to the annual winter parking regulations. The Traffic Authority underwent a thorough review of a number of possible scenarios in an effort to address the concerns that were brought to Council from those residents who were most impacted, such as shift workers and business owners. That analysis resulted in these changes:

– the overnight parking regulations, which can be implemented anytime between Dec. 15 and March 31, will only be enforced during declared snow and ice operations

– when the parking ban is in effect, it will run from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. – ending one hour earlier than in previous years

Weather conditions and clearing operations will determine how long an overnight ban will be in effect. HRM will issue public service announcements to alert the public when the ban is in effect and when it has been lifted and timely information will be posted on

Mr. Reashor stresses the importance of planning ahead and staying informed. Residents will be given one to two days of advanced notice of when a ban will take effect. Vehicles that remain on the street during an overnight ban will be ticketed and towed.

“It is very important for residents to secure off-street parking for the winter season,” explained Mr. Reashor. “It is the responsibility of residents to keep themselves informed about possible weather events, to know whether or not a ban is in effect and to plan accordingly.”

HRM reminds residents that provincial legislation (Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act) provides that people remove their vehicles from the streets, day or night, in the event of a snow or ice event. Vehicles obstructing snow removal or winter maintenance operations can be removed at the owner’s cost, regardless of time or date.


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