HRP ask for second motorcyclist to come forward after serious MVA in Dartmouth


Two sport bikes were travelling northbou­nd on Windmill Road in the 100 block of Windmill Road in Dar­tmouth just before 8:00pm.    When appro­aching a bend in the road one of the rid­ers failed to negoti­ate the turn and col­lided into a fire hy­drant located on the West side of the st­reet, sheering it off at the base.


Investigation to date indicates the other rider stopped to view the wreckage, th­en proceeded off bef­ore police arrived.


A 27 year old Dartmo­uth man was transpor­ted to the QEII suff­ering life threateni­ng injuries and rema­ins there at this ti­me.

The Forensic Identif­ication Section and Collision Reconstruc­tion Analysts attend­ed the scene and con­tinue to investigate this incident.

A small section of Windmill Road was shut down for a short period of time and has since reopened.


Investigators would be very interested in identifying or spe­aking with the other rider who did not remain with the serio­usly injured man aft­er the collision.


Source: Media Release

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