Hugs Kisses

Never in my life have I been so enthralled by another human being. It’s crazy. Especially if I’ve been apart from him for any length of time. Like yesterday I saw a movie with a friend and while I was only gone for a total of 3 hours and he napped for half of it, I just couldn’t wait to snuggle those cheeks when I got home.  not that

a mother needs to justify this, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s actively starting to return the affection (and initiate it) and it’s THE.BEST.

It started with him wrapping his arms around my neck and hugging me tight. On Friday, he showed his Nan the same affection:


Then he leans in for big slobbery open mouthed kiss:


Then he decides, “Hey wait a minute, I’ll show you just who has who’s nose!”

IMG_9741  IMG_9740  IMG_9739

“How do ya like THAT, Nan? I totally got your nose that time!”



It makes me so proud to be working hard along side Daddy to bring ourselves (back) to a healthy weight to show him a good example of healthy living parents.  I am HAPPY to report that both Mommy AND Daddy each dropped 2.8 lbs this week 🙂  Not that Daddy wants me talking about his efforts because I’m sure he doesn’t and I won’t make a habit of it (I don’t think!), but I just can’t help myself. I’m so proud of him. I’m so proud of US.


IMG_9725 2 2


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