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You Can’t One Up ME!

So underneath all of the supportive, “Good for you, husband!” for getting on this journey to health is a serious competition on our hands.  Oh yes…bring it on rookie!

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in this new SAHM lifestyle is that even though I found the stamina within myself to be up every two hours for many, many months and am STILL getting up at night (thank GOD it’s no longer every two hours!), if I have to leave the house for an afternoon to run errands (with or without the baby), it totally runs me down!  Kind of like if you’ve been sick and over do it too soon and you get really tired out quickly. I obviously still have not “paid my sleep debt” which is kind of hard to do since the Little Peanut has only slept through the night twice in his life and each time was a nice early morning rising at 6 a.m.  Even though I’m still getting up usually at 2 a.m., and then up for the day at 6, I consider this a vacation compared to what it was like.  But even still, sleep deprivation and interrupted sleep over time totally takes it’s toll on your body. 

So that’s a very long winded introduction to explain that I was out yesterday afternoon running errands while the little one was home with his Nan.  I had to get my Driver’s Licence renewed, pick a few things up at Wal-Mart (it’s been forever since I’ve been there) and go to an eye appointment and get new glasses/contacts.  I was gone from about 12:30-4:30 and upon getting home, it was time to make Supper, feed the Peanut, play with the Peanut, bath the Peanut, feed & get Peanut ready for bed and get Peanut into bed which was not as easy as it usually is because he was thrown off by having someone else get him down for naps for the afternoon and didn’t sleep all that well and today I see that a 3rd tooth is poking it’s way through so it took a little extra Mommy love to get him settled down for the night.

After all of that, I cleaned up supper and then sat down on the couch.  Hubs was watching a UFC recording and while I half contemplated making my way to the basement to work out, my fatigue outruled my motivation and I stayed put.  That is until UFC was over (8:30) and The Husband gets up, gets his water bottle and declares, “I’m going to work out.” Pffffffffft! I TOTALLY don’t feel like it, but since he is going, I HAVE to go because he’s been showing quite the competitive side at these early stages of this little weight loss competition!  So I huff and puff, shoot him a dirty look or two (you know the, “you can’t one up me” look) and get changed into my workout clothes and down I go with him.  We have a treadmill and an elliptical so we can both work out at the same time.  If I had to drive to the gym there’s NO way I would have gone, but our little home gym is proving to be the best decision we could have made.

I can’t let the rookie show me up, ya see?! 😀


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