Holy Crap

We enjoy our dose of Dragon’s Den in our house (not sure if it’s aired in the U.S.) and one episode a while back, there were people pitching their product to the Dragons, “Holy Crap.”  I vaguely remember their

exact pitch but I remember thinking, “I want some of that!”  The entrepreneurs pitched about the health benefits of chia and hemp seeds and automatically my ears perked up and I’m thinking “YES” I eat that all the time and now someone’s got a product I’m interested in that includes these nutritious foods. They described the product as “The world’s most amazing breakfast cereal” and they Dragons got to try it and they were all “Mmmm this is great!” I remember Jim getting the most excited. So right away since they tasted it and were so impressed I thought “I WANT THAT!”IMG_9898

Not that long ago I saw Planet Organic tweet that they were not carrying Holy Crap so after a while and after hearing a few others say they got their hands on some (oh the powers of Twitter!) I finally got myself some to try.  First of all, I was not too happy to be spending nearly $13 on a rather small package of “breakfast cereal,” but I have been known to fork out a more than reasonable amount on a health food item before. 

Quite honestly, I feel a little duped by this product.  Maybe it’s because I’m more on the “health savvy” side of the ingredients in the product, but does this look like “cereal” to you? A serving size is 2 tablespoons.



Ingredients: organic chia, hulled hemp hearts, organic buckwheat, organic cranberries, organic raisins, apple bits, organic cinnamon.

All WONDERFUL ingredients and extremely healthy which I absolutely appreciate, but for me, I feel like it’s a glorified type of “seedy trail mix” that I could make myself with a quick trip to the Bulk Barn, especially for the price I paid for such a small package.  I was already adding cinnamon, chia and hemp seeds to my oatmeal and smoothies so I personally don’t feel like this is worth the bang for my buck.  For people who don’t normally have these (ingredients) items on their shopping list, it most definitely IS a healthy item to add TO your cereal or yogurts etc because there are some pretty major health benefits to the ingredients in this product.  But I am hard pressed to consider this product a “breakfast cereal” – just sayin.

The other point I wanted to make is that I’m pretty sure at present this product isn’t available in mainstream grocery stores (maybe it is), and the people that shop at places like Planet Organic are generally the type of people who are more familiar with foods like chia and hemp so they quite possibly may not be as impressed as the Dragons were. And those who aren’t as familiar with the actual ingredients, but are excited about the health benefits of the product, may not be used to paying $12-13 for such a small package.  But that’s just me.


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