I ain’t nobody’s bitch!

I’m three days in to my most recent epiphany and I’m feelin’ fine!  Actually, I’m feeling better than “fine”! I’m feeling awesome!  Almost like my old self.  There are shades of the Scott I use to and want to be and this makes me smile!

I had three very good workouts this week and I’ve been eating extremely well and even with those two little changes, I’m noticing more of a bounce in my step and less of a jiggle in my belly.

Two relatively small changes like going to the gym for 45 minutes three times this week and doing some exercise and not eating pizza or take out and cooking my own meals have made me feel like a new man… Or the old Scott… However you want to look at it.

I’ve adopted a new attitude of “NO MORE EXCUSES” and even though I had a small set back on Tuesday, I’ve kept to this new mantra and I plan on following through with it.

I’ve been finding that not making excuses or letting myself get away with things or “fall off the wagon” has been great for my mental health. Earlier this week I was in a dark place and I’m so surprised as to how four short days later, I’m feeling SO much better and I like how I feel.

Life has set backs, that’s a given.  But it’s not the set backs that define you.  It’s how you bounce back from those set backs that define you and who you are.

Are you someone who lets set backs, big or small, define who you are or do you take control of your own life and make it your bitch?  For the past two months, I let my set backs make me their bitch and affect me both mentally and physically.  But if you know me at all, you know I ain’t nobody’s bitch!

Source: http://www.yourinnerskinny.ca/i-aint-nobodys-bitch/

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