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I busted a move. And my hip.

This weekend I participated in the second annual Bust a Move for breast cancer event. The gist of it is that you attempt to raise $1000 or more for an intergrated breast health program for a local hospital. If you do that, you get to participate in a day-long exercise-a-thon.

Things that end in -thon give me the creeps. I would have been happy handing the QEII foundation the money, but no… I donned a scary spandex outfit and join 800 other people to spend the day doing aerobics, yoga, and staring at Paula Abdul, this year’s celebrity guest.

Here is what I discovered about myself yesterday:

– While I like exercising, I do not like the fitness class environment. It may have something to do with the perkiness and high energy levels of the instructors. I am far too surly to put up with them.
– In general, when people yell “Are you excited?” “How we doin’ laaaaaadies?” “Are we having fun?” I am likely to respond with the most evil look I can muster. Forced enthusiasm just isn’t going to happen.
– I like body-weight exercises (squats, push-ups, planks) way more than aerobics. For cardio, I’d prefer to run or walk. Zumba is pretty much the opposite of what I like.
– The yoga hour was BY FAR my favourite. The instructor was fantastic and I feel like I got a lot out of it.
– I can’t dance.

Seeing Paula Abdul dance around to “Straight Up” was a pretty surreal experience. When I was 6 or 7 I somehow got a cassette tape of Forever Your Girl. It was my jam. “Cold Hearted” ruled my wee life. So, that was probably the highlight of the day for me.

All in all–an odd day. I don’t know if I’ll participate for a third time, based on the fact that I have little to no interest in the actual event. But, you never know… Richard Simmons, Paula Abdul… if Ralph Macchio announces that he’s going to lead an hour of karate in 2012, I may change my mind.

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