I can haz cheezeburger?

I am not one to eat burgers and fries but……..yesterday a friend and I decided to check out the Westcliffe Diner! I was looking through the Coast (a local paper) at restaurant reviews and this wee place had raves! I thought we MUST go. The old adage appearances can be deceptive runs true here. This is a place I have driven past a bazillion times and never once thought to go inside.

Inside it is dark and cluttered but the energy is great and it is clean and always full of people. Most of them regular customers.The couple seated here come every time they drive into the city! Thursday is Special Day and on this day it was a boiled corn beef dinner, sometimes it is roast beef, chicken, ham and scalloped potatoes, all for the inexpensive price of $6.00. Including dessert and coffee! Grilled cheese $1.75 and the milkshakes are renowned!

See! The sign says it all. When you arrive, you figure out what you want and go to the counter and write down your order on a little piece of paper and leave it on the counter by the grill. They call it out when ready and you pick it up. You then pop down to the cooler and pick out your drink. When you are finished you take your dishes down to the end. Very mom and pop and really terrific value and great food!

This is what I had with some onion rings and fries. It was AMAZING. Melted in my mouth. Really one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. The woman seated next to me recommended it and I am so glad she did.

Here they are, the ones that make the magic happen……Bev and Tyler:)

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