I Could Get Used To This

Managed to sleep in again and made us a tasty breakkie that we enjoyed in bed – Hubby read comics while I watched a few episodes of BH 90210.   I’m on the third disc of season 2 already.  Can’t believe how corny some of the earlier episodes were, plus the hair and the clothes! 😉

Scrambled eggs with onion, lean ham & cheese. YUM!

Side of Chia toast & sliced local berries. Plus coffee.

IMG_5877 IMG_5883

The kitty cats love all the beautiful sunshine we’re getting.

Hubby had plans with Holly & Dean to go see the new Twilight movie tonight.  I never had any real desire to see them but at the last minute decided that I should watch the first two movies and then make it a double date. So I did. Yup, I spent pretty much all day in front of the TV. 🙂

Before the movie, we went out for a quick bite at Sushi Nami Royale.   The food was good but but slow to arrive and the service was rather lacking.

I was pretty excited, been craving it for a few weeks!

It was also Holly & Dean’s first sushi experience!!  Poor Dean had just gotten off work and was hungry (and maybe a tad tired?!)

 IMG_5927 IMG_5926

Started off with a couple pieces of veggie tempura. They were okay, but I wasn’t really craving deep fried stuff.

I ordered spicy tuna & sweet potato rolls.  Plus hubby & I split the spicy shrimp.

Spicy Tuna is #2 in my books.


With Sweet Potato holding the title of first place!

We arrived at the theatres and I gotta say, technology never ceases to amaze me… I had pre-ordered & printed everyone else’s tickets a few days earlier but when I bought mine online today I had it sent to my Blackberry because I didn’t have access to a printer.  Nice barcode eh?

We got in, watched a few previews – Jennifer Aniston’s new movie looks funny, and settled in for Eclipse.  I was surprised that the theatre wasn’t packed.  We found 4 seats together, no problem!
I liked this movie the best out of all three of them. Although I have yet to make a decision on the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing.  And, while I found the story fun, I don’t really think it’s anything that spectacular. 

But, it was 1000000 times better then the horrible movie that we attempted to watch last night – When In RomeYes, I stopped watching it and went to sleep. Don’t waste your time or money.

Well, I’ve got to get to sleep so that I’m rested for our trip to Victoria Park tomorrow.  Night bloggies!

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