Productive Long Weekend

Good Evening Bloggies, hope you all had a great week -  those of you who are are on vacay, hope it’s going well!  We both have 4 days off and have been quite productive. 

I made this absolutely delicious pizza Wednesday night that I wanted to share with you.  It was so good that we actually made another one for Supper tonight. ;)  Someone had used the Asparagus + Prosciutto combo before, I racked my brain the past few days and then remembered it was Jaime, with a Rachel Ray recipe


I cheated by using a pre-made crust – PC Stone-Baked Flatbread. 

Topped with pasta sauce, asparagus (chopped & sautéed) and PC Splendido Prosciutto, shredded.   Plus Kraft 4 Cheese Italiano.

IMG_5856 IMG_5859

Fresh outta the oven!  Half of the pizza was 665 calories.  A little on the high side but really tasty & filling.



So I mentioned the word productive a little earlier.  In the past two days we’ve managed to:

  • Get 3 loads of laundry done & out on the line.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom.
  • Tidy master bedroom.
  • Scrub the fridge.
  • Scrub the stove.
  • Washthe kitchen/bathroom floors by hand.

Plus, a minor home reno. – This really ugly ceramic pot holder thingy was taking up lots of good counter space.  Many of the tiles were loose and as you can see, it was plain gross and full of bacteria.  So hubby decided to remove it.

DISGUSTING.  And I cleaned/disinfected that thing with bleach all the time. Ewww. 🙁


Unfortunately, once we got all the tiles removed and the counter cleaned up, the reason it was installed in the first place became apparent. 


The previous owners burnt the counter with a pot and then tried to cover it up.   The burn marks aren’t nice to look at but I’m glad we removed it and freed up the counter space.

I also got the garden weeded this afternoon.  Thought I’d show you all a little update.  Everything seems to be growing and progressing quite nicely.  I’m getting excited to see some veggies!

IMG_5832 IMG_5833

IMG_5836 IMG_5838

IMG_5839 IMG_5841

IMG_5842 IMG_5844

IMG_5845 IMG_5846

Over all its been a great 2 days! 

I’ve been tracking all my food with SparkPeople, their Blackberry App is awesome! Used it last night when we were out.  Plus, been really active the past few days, so I’m feeling good.

Besides getting a bunch of stuff done around the house, we also went to see the Canada Day Fireworks with Holly & her hubby last night and this morning I visited an old friend and got to meet her newborn for the first time.  So much fun!!

And, I may have made a little, okay, not so little purchase.  It was a total budget FAIL but I’ve been wanting this particular item forever and I just got a raise so I justified it. :-P  If you follow me on twitter then you may already know what I bought… if not, you’ll have to wait and see; should be shipped out in the next week or so.  I am majorly, majorly excited!!!!  

Hint:  It will need a name. Any ideas? 🙂

Okay, off to watch When In Rome w/ the hubby.  Talk to you soon!

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