I’m Hungry: The Seaport Market (part one)

 I'm Hungry: The Seaport Market (part one)

We love the market!!! I’ve been taking my son O to the market since he was a 3-week-old little lump tucked into the carrier on my chest. When we go now, 5 years later, I have to run to keep up! He has developed very definite ideas about what we should shop for and what we should buy. And generally after we shop a bit it’s time to head to the rooftop terrace and eat some of our spoils. One of the new joys of the Seaport Market is the variety and fabulousness of ready-made food available. There are so many different options that I can’t imagine that there’s a single kid in Halifax who wouldn’t find something they want to devour immediately, complete with finger-licking, lip-smacking sounds! It’s my kind of fast food. I chose 3 establishments. Some are old favorites and some are new. I asked O to weigh in on how delicious they were and he decided to rate everything on a ten finger scale, 10 being the ultimate and one being, well… not so tasty! We’ll sample some more next time around.

I'm Hungry: The Seaport Market (part one)

This is a definite family favorite and no trip to the market is complete without a container of Saturday noodles, a pork bun and “meat on a stick”. I have found since starting to pack school lunches that pork buns freeze really well and are a great little package to substitute for a sandwich. Cheelin doesn’t use any MSG and they use fresh, local ingredients in their dishes. On this trip we got a small Saturday noodles, a sesame ball and 5 dumplings.
Spent: $9.25

O rating: 1-10 fingers. Saturday noodles get a ten, dumplings get a 4 and the sesame ball gets a 1.

O says: “These noodles are the greatest thing there is”. The sesame ball is just “a little bit good” (to be fair he usually loves these but the one we got today was particularly chewy).The dumplings tasted great to me but he was quite firm about his 4 rating.


I'm Hungry: The Seaport Market (part one)

Crêperie mobile
Another new one for us. I decided that something more dessert-ish might be in order after we heard that the owner has an 8-year-old who was astonished that someone might have a favorite that WASN’T a sweet one! We got the banana chocolate one. There are plenty of savory sounding options that look delicious though!
Spent: $4.00

O rating: 5 fingers

O says: “It’s the bestest thing you can buy at the market. So you should buy it lots of times”.

I'm Hungry: The Seaport Market (part one)

Wrap So D
Another favorite of ours. Chef D is reason enough to stop by, he’s a one-man show while he cooks up the most incredible wraps I’ve ever had. We have sampled many of them with great success, as well as his pancakes. Today he gave me one of his fresh out-of-the-oven zucchini muffins with cream cheese frosting. He uses all local produce, the zucchini was literally thrown across the aisle from Elmridge Farms.
Spent: $3.00

O rating: 5 fingers

O says: “Really good. People should buy lots. You know how I love icing”.

We had a great time sampling and O was thrilled with his role of food reviewer. What better way to spend some time together than by eating your way around the market? I’m anticipating that the next few meals I serve will be given the “O rating”, hopefully I can keep it above 3 fingers!

Feel free to make suggestions for what our next Seaport Market picks should be!

The Seaport Market Information
1209 Marginal Road / Pier20, Halifax, NS, B3L 4T6
Phone: (902) 429-6256
Saturday Farmers’ Market : 7am-4pm
Sunday Farmers’ Market : 8am-4pm
Wednesday Farmers’ Market : 8am-4pm
Friday International and Farmers’ Market :  8am-7pm
Website: http://halifaxfarmersmarket.com

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