I Once Knew a Man From Nantucket…

UPDATE (Oct. 15/09): I was informed that it was probably in my best interest to take down the set photos from the Moby Dick shoot. However, if you’re still hoping to check them out, go to Shelburne County Now’s Website.

I apologize, I don’t know the punch line to the Nantucket line, I never have, but I’ve always assumed it ended with the words “Suck it.”

The reason that I have titled this blog entry as such, is because my portion of MOBY DICK is based in Nantucket… in retrospect, I probably should have just called this entry “Moby Dick, Day One”… moving on.

On Wednesday, I had my first day (of three) working on Moby Dick. This was huge for me, really huge. Allow me to indulge you in a hyperbole: this was like a young rookie pitcher being called up to the Yankees for a try out. And now allow me to break it down literally, last weekend, I was working on a movie for sandwiches, on Wednesday, I was working on a movie with a budget of $25 million. I ate so many f***ing sandwiches.

Adding a layer of absurdity to the day was the fact that the film was shooting in my hometown of Lunenburg!

This was either going to be the absolute best day or the absolute worst day of my life.

The film, directed by Mike Barker, (who directed Sea Wolf in Halifax last year) features an insanely talented cast, that I don’t think I am allowed to name (or confirm) just yet. Stay tuned for that goodness.

At the Knot Pub for a celebratory Stella Artois (Glen Matthews’ drink of choice). My Mother was sadly afflicted with the inability to open her eyelids at the time of this photo…


The day came and went, and I can definitely say that it was definitely on the side of “Best” day of my life. I had an amazing time, and I’m fairly confident that the final product will be a quality addition to my resume. I still have two more days of shooting next week in Shelburne to f*** it all up. Let’s hope for more of the best, shall we?

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