I seriously love Zellers!

AllyG: So, I should probably be embarrassed to admit this, but I hadn’t really frequented Zellers prior to moving to Bedford. Zellers is where the average Bedfordite heads when we need something department store-ish in a fix. You know, photo frames, nails etc.

I did not realize that they have clothes, like…nice clothes. For reals.

They also feature a line by Alfred Sung, the renowned Canadian designer. Well, I think he’s renowned.

This stuff is seriously affordable, good quality, and super cute. Take a look:


Tell me that Jennifer Aniston would not wear that and I will call you a dumb liar. Ok, so she would probably spend a trillion dollars more on an outfit that looks essentially the same.


See? Same classic, tailored look. I swear that girl can rock the white shirt.

This next look is perfect for work or a post-cricket cocktail or two:


If the last look was Aniston, this look is totally Blair when she is summering in the Hamptons.


Cute, non? Serena, on the other hand, should place that dress quietly in a garbage can and walk slowly out the door. Horrible fit on her.

Ok, I love, love, love this next look. I want so badly to wear this look this summer. Someone needs to purchase this and walk beside me so I can breathe in your fabulousness:


THIS IS THE CUTEST SUMMER OUTFIT EVER. Look at the prices! Just look! That’s crazypants! Sigh, Sung…you’ve done it again.

Thoughts, L-A? Bedford ain’t looking half bad now eh?

Totally off-topic, I want to see if we get some traffic if I mention ROBERT PATTISON’S HAIR (similar to the traffic we received talking about Lady Gaga’s disco stick). L-A and I have the best time reading the search terms people use to find our site. Twihards? Are you here?


L-A: I was actually in Zellers the other day with J. Lau and I was saying how I always forget about Zellers. But I think that has more to do with the fact that I don’t have a car.  I’m always a bit disappointed when I walk into a Zellers. They have these fun TV ads, but when I walk into the store it’s like Zeddy threw up merchandise all over the joint. It’s the same sort of disenchantment I feel when I walk into a Target in the States.


The ads are all pretty (and not easy to find on the internets, which is why you get the cute Blythe ads), but the stores are not. I end up feeling like I’m still just in a Walmart and where the hell are all these cute clothes I’m told I’ll find.  It’s like they spend all their money getting designers on board and getting ads out, and then forget to make the stores look nice. So, I agree: those Alfred Sung outfits are adorable! They are totally shades of Jennifer Anniston in HJNTIY (but on a budget!). They make me wish it was summertime (oh wait! it is summer! Maybe someone should tell the Halifax weather that). Alas, I am unlikely to buy them. Not because of an anti-Zellers snobbery, but because I’m a bit of a lazy shopper and I hate the stores. For my budget designer wear, I’ll stick to my Joe Fresh.


Because while shopping for clothes at the grocery store is still a bit weird, at least Joe Mimran (who I have just learned was the guy who hired Alfred Sung & turned him into a renowned Canadian designer) understands the importance of displaying those clothes in real life (not just in your ads) that actually makes you want to shop there.

And before I go post this, I’ll weigh in on Robert Pattinson’s hair: I found a hilarious blog post that puts other celebrity hair on his head. I think my favourite may be Jay Manuel’s hair on him.

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