I Wanna Be a Brace Face

The last time I went to the dentist (back in 2005…) I was referred to an orthodontist who informed me that I have a Class III Malocculsion with open bite. Basically it means I have a really hard time eating certain foods, I talk funny and it hurts. Burgers and subs are especially difficult because I can’t bite all the way through since my front teeth don’t touch. It’s not usually a pretty site. He also told me that I’ll experience degeneration of the jaw joints by the time I’m 30.

That brings us to today. I get insane-o headaches (during which my right eye gets droopy – real attractive), stiff neck muscles from the strain of things being out of whack, my jaw cracks and creaks and my lisp is worse. The past couple of weeks I’ve also been getting moments of pulsing pain on the right side of my jaw. I’m still a few years from 30, but things are not looking great.
And you know what really sucks? I can’t afford to get it fixed. I’ve been looking around at some local orthodontists and they all say it’ll cost between $6200 and $11000 to get fixed. I’ll be at the higher end because fixing my face will involve a year of braces followed by surgery, followed by having my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks.
I don’t have dental insurance yet, but even if I did it won’t cover orthodontics for me since I’m over 18. So that means crossing my fingers and hoping I qualify for financing. One other possibility is the Dal Dental Clinic. It’s cheaper than a regular dentist, but you’re being treated by a student. I don’t even know if I’ll qualify because I need a little more than you’re average molar. I guess it’d be worth it for the cheaper cleaning…
Why in this world of universal health care are medically necessary dental procedures not covered?? I don’t need prescriptions or my gallbladder removed – I just need my face fixed!
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