I need some shoes. These gold flippy floppies are nice and all but 1) I’m not supposed to wear flip flops at work, and 2) it’s getting cold. In times of yore I could make it well into November before switching to more substantial footwear but I must be getting old because I can’t tolerate the cold as well as in my younger years. Plus my dried, cracked heels are begging for some protection.

I need a jacket. The idea of a fall coat confounds me. Something light enough and heavy enough and pretty enough. Thanks to these lumbering shoulders of mine, most coats available to me look terrible. But I want something nicer than run-o-the-mill windbreaker type thing. Does such a thing exist?
I need clothes. Man, do I ever! I’ve purchased maybe 3-4 shirts this year. One pair of capris. This year!!! Every time I go to a store I set out to try things on, regardless of whether I normally would wear it or not. I can’t find anything! And what I do find is ridiculously overpriced. I work in a very casual environment so buying something fancy/office-y is a waste of money because I’m never going to wear it. The code is (literally, they wrote it down) nothing with holes, no rip offs, no inappropriate slogans. That’s it! But can I find anything? Nope. It’s annoying.
I need lots of other stuff too – new make-up, lamps, an oil change. But affording everything when you’re just one little paycheque can be difficult. I know, call those Nobel people for we have a forward thinker.
Two complain-y posts in a row is about two more than anyone cares to read, but blog fodder is hard to come by at the moment. Although, since September 22 is just around the corner, and because September 22 means there are only 100 days left in 2009, I’ve decided to do up some goals for the end of the year. Nothing to crazy, but I’m a goal and list person and I have no goals or lists at the moment.
So there you have it.

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