I will not give peace (signs) a chance

L-A: A trend I’m not sure I can deal with is peace signs.  I remember well the last time this sucker made a resurgence – it was back when I was in junior high. I fell prey to it and had a peace sign necklace (maybe had something more, but I’ve blocked it out). It wasn’t like any of us with those necklaces or t-shirts really gave a damn about peace. We just wanted to be cool.

Anyway, I guess the peace sign/logo turned 50 last fall, and that might be why it’s trying to rear it’s ugly head again with gems like these:





Lucky Brand seems to be one of the key culprits for trying to shill peace.  They’ve got keychains, and bracelets, and necklaces and plastic sleeves for your iPhone or your iPod. Because displaying it on the back of your iPhone? Now that is dedication to the cause of peace.



Don’t get me wrong. I’l all for peace. Love it. I’m the annoying pacifist at family holiday dinners. I think that my problem lies in the fact that it is not a very pretty looking logo.  I could deal with this less than lovely logo if it were only used as a means of showing how dedicated you were to the cause of peace, but I have a feeling that most folks selling it are rather disingenuous about their motives.  Otherwise they’d be trying to sell you peace all the time, not just when it is a popular trend (because really? American Eagle Outfitters? Do we really believe they are about more than selling you cute casual wear?).  So long as it is being sold as a trendy item and being purchased because it’s nifty to be a peacenik, then I’m calling this a questionable thing.  Here’s a polyvore funtime roundup of some besymboled things I found while internet window shopping:

Not loving this trend at all. Some of it isn’t even cute. Pink fuzzy peace slippers by Juicy Couture? A peace buckle from American Eagle Outfitters? Peace boobs on your expensive bikini? What the …? No. Just no thank you.

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